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London Calling!

29 Jun

Last week, London welcomed two more Brazilian visitors… Enrique and Robson from the Florianopolis office…

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Learn Brazilian

28 Jun

Quebrar a Cara

to break the face

  • To fail, to be disappointed, to not get what you want.

No amor, não se pode ter medo de quebrar a cara. Você tem de terminar e começar quantas vezes for preciso.
In love, you can’t be afraid to fail. You have to start and finish as many times as necessary.


When something has a disappointing outcome or turns out worse than expected. In English it means FAIL.

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What are they saying?

27 Jun

June Tribalingua test

25 Jun

Language test – Charpenings

June is traditionally the month for final exams and revision stress in the UK. And here in Florianopolis it was no different as the teams took their winter English test in almost freezing conditions (15C).

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Fancy a cuppa?

22 Jun

They say “great power brings great responsibility”. Early Wednesday morning (20/06), Bruna Carlos – 21, and author of this article – had proof of this popular motto when she was knighted the Dame of Tetley. That’s why everybody – except Enrique, Robson, Roberta and Gustavo, who are in Norwich –  from Hacking4Living was invited at 10 o’clock  to be introduced to the fancy art of making a cuppa.

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NEW POLL: Perfect Office

22 Jun

Arthur’s mother (Dona Dirce)

This week`s poll is based on our new office

How exciting is that!

It’s quite simple… There are certain things we would like to have in our new space.

You can vote for ten options and we will try to install them (except Arthur’s mother).

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RESULT: Best chair for new office!

22 Jun

Thanks to everyone who voted and helped to choose which is the best of the two chairs below.

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