Team Mascots!

15 Jun

Latest photos of the team mascots were released this morning. Each team has carefully selected an object of sentimental value to represent the group.

SITS:Vision team Magic Island made the somewhat left-field choice of a golden horse. “It might seem like a strange object to represent us, but this horse stands for everything we believe in. Horses are hard-working, powerful and nearly always going places!” remarked Diego Vissini, 26, from Parana.

The other groups are represented by similarly suitable tokens. Charpenings, in a clever move to encompass both their team name and an icon of British culture, selected a union-jack mini-cooper pencil-sharpener. “It just seemed like a logical choice. Our team name is connected to C# programming language.” commented Danillo Corvalan, 23, from Cuiaba in Mato Grosso.

“And we feel that this compliments beautifully with the pencil sharpener image. Modern technology, hand in hand with traditional office stationery.”

He continued, “The mini-cooper is a striking symbol of Britishness. I imagine everyone drives one in London. Our mascot says everything we need it to say. In fact, it shouts it from the rooftops. A union-jack mini-cooper pencil-sharpener is just like our coding … practical, useful, compact and very clean… it is, indeed, the perfect mascot.”

Another EBS group, Bamamaha, have chosen a classic example of everyday beauty… the alarm clock. Maycon, 24 from Londrina reflected, “The alarm clock is the ideal mascot for a team like this; we get up early, strive for punctuality and make a lot of noise.”

The final mascot to be selected was a ‘cuia’ by Highlander. This wooden gourd is from the southern states of Brazil and used for drinking chimarrao. A traditional symbol of the Gaucho culture, this mascot was a controversial selection and has raised an air of regionalism among the groups.

“We are traditional southern boys; tough, proud and courageous” said Mateus Barragana, 22, from Rio Grande. “Nobody messes with us, tche!”


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