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Learn Brazilian

27 Jul


  • Bigshot, bigwig, expert, important person.

Anderson Silva é o BAMBAMBÃ do MMA, com 10 defesas de título consecutivas.
Anderson Silva is considered the best MMA fighter with 10 consecutive titles.


This strange word comes from the Kimbundu word mbamba meaning ‘master’, ‘distinguished’. Kimbundu is an African tribal language and one of the most widely spoken in Angola.

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Tips4Hackers: TFS Shelvesets

26 Jul

One cool feature of TFS is the ability to shelve code, which lets us store code changes without performing a check-in. This can be very helpful not only as a backup mechanism, but also to quickly share and review code among colleagues.

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What are they saying?

25 Jul

NEW POLL: Olympic Golds!

20 Jul

This week`s poll is based on how many gold medals Brazil will win at the Olympic Games.

How exciting is that!

Let’s see who gets closest… Vote on the panel on the right (anonymously) and also tell us below how many gold medals Brazil will bring home from London. The person who gets closest will win, er, some Tribalingua kudos.

We want a PS3 for Christmas, Daddy (Gustavo)!

20 Jul

Gustavo Noel

Ho Ho Ho! We are now just 165 shopping days from Christmas. The turkey is in the oven and the tree is almost decorated. Can you hear the carol singers on the doorstep?

Hark! Is that Santa Claus coming down the chimney? And what is that in his sack? Is it a playstation3? We sure hope so, because in the latest poll the teams voted for the new PS console instead of a new Atari or X-Box (see below for results)

“All I want is peace on earth, good will to all men… and a PS3” said Danillo Corvalan, 23 and single, “Baby, I`m the king of Guitar Hero…Lunchbreaks will never be the same again”

Merry Christmas everyone!

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First few emails from the half-finished new office

19 Jul

ImageLots to do still but we’re getting there 🙂

Charpenings go global!

18 Jul

The Charpenings team made a historic leap forward this week in terms of international agile diplomacy. Bruno, Danillo and Daniel were joined in the blogosphere by Alastair Bell and Helen Wilson and their fantastic new site

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