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Tips4Hackers: Code smells

20 Sep

Hi again!

Have you ever seen some code that just doesn’t look right, even when you can’t really point at what is bothering you? It is probably a code smell. What is a code smell, and what can you do about it? Read On!

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Rau tu bi a Brasiliã – 02. Talk with people you don’t know in public places.

17 Sep

Hilton and James in the day they first met

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Monthly update… Bamamaha

17 Sep

August was the turning point for all members of the company. They’re awarded a new and awesome headquarter. They had a beautiful opening ceremonial and they celebrated this incredible moment at the “Costelaria” barbecue restaurant. The food was amazing!

In the new office, they can work wearing slippers – Bruna has bought a frog one, Hilton doesn’t feel comfortable with his slippers, Mitchel brought one of his football team, Grêmio, and Maycon can only think about his wedding day. They have the right to have breakfast before starting to work, they have bean bags to rest after lunch and a marvelous leisure area.

In this month, they had two other reasons to celebrate either: the birthdays of their teammate Bruna and their kind and imported friend James Clinton “Gringo” Ward. For the first one, they went to a pizzeria. For the second one, Bruna prepared a surprise party. James was much moved and almost cried when he received a Brazilian football team t-shirt.

And Mitchel keeps carrying on his Master’s degree.

Also, they started working with the scrum master Chris Hemmings who has got a warm reception from them and has helped them a lot. In return, Bamamaha has taught him lots of Brazilian Portuguese expressions. They improved their liaison with the UK team counterpart and created much new features to the software they work on.

The golden boy!

12 Sep

We know that Brazilian’s biggest passion is football, but it does not stop there! A sport that has been growing significantly is Jiu-Jitsu.

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Monthly update… Magic Island

11 Sep

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What are they saying?

11 Sep

NEW POLL: T-shirts company

10 Sep

What do you think about make t-shirts to come to work? We can choose some colors, e.g. the colors of the UK flag and embroider the logo of the company.