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Tips4Hackers: Tracepoints, a great way to debug code in Visual Studio

17 Oct

Everyone knows and loves breakpoints, which lets you stop the execution of code on a given point and then see what is going on. What if you want to count how many times a given function was called? You would probably put a breakpoint there, and count how many times the breakpoint was hit, right? Cool, but there is a much faster way, which you probably never heard of, using Tracepoints. Got your attention already? So read on!

Dick Tracy...points?

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Boa viagem, Steve!

11 Oct

After a successful week in the Brazilian office, it was finally time to say goodbye to Steve Kierney, Tribal Development and Support Lead. Steve’s visit was an opportunity for him to get to know the developers and spend some time in the new Florianopolis branch.

Before leaving he thanked the team for their kind hospitality and wished them well for the future, which he believes will be bright. “I’ve had a lovely time on this wee island. The weather has been fantastic and I`ve enjoyed the Brazilian scenery. The people are friendly. My only regret is eating a chicken heart. It was awful.”

An i-pad was raffled (and won by Douglas) with the proceeds going to the Tribal Foundation.

One for the road

Farmer wins i-pad

Welcome to Brazil, Steve!

8 Oct

Gustavo and Steve

Saturday saw the Bravi team and their families get together for a barbecue, some cold beer and ballgames in a relaxing lakeside atmosphere. They were joined by Steve Kierney, recently arrived from UK, who had come to visit the Brazilian teams and see the new office.

Roberta’s dad, Samir, started cooking the ribs at 6am and they were ready by 3pm. “Anything less than nine hours cooking over a log fire is amateurish,” he commented.

Colleagues ate and drank together and the atmosphere was typically Brazilian and friendly (until the girls cheated in the final game of charades) with plenty of volleyball, and even a few monkeys swang through the forest to see what was going on.

“I’m so thrilled to finally have seen a monkey… A real monkey… Not a picturebook monkey, but a proper monkey.” said James Ward, 28 and from Carlisle, “I even gave one of them a piece of cheese-on-toast. He didn’t say much, but when our eyes met, I felt this incredible sensation of togetherness. He was well hairy too.”

Other hilights of the afternoon included Arley splitting his trousers during the volleyball tie-break, Bruna and Priscilla dominating the miming games, Mateus on the guitar and, of course, the fantastic meat. Nice one, folks!

Bravi Hart(mann)

8 Oct

William Wallace wasn’t there to witness it, and Mel Gibson was nowhere to be seen, but there was certainly something Bravi happening in the heart of Brazil this morning.

In the warm spring sunshine Gustavo Hartmann, 36, launched Latin America’s newest enterprise in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina.

“This is a proud day for all of us. It is a landmark moment, and the start of something special. ‘Bravi’ is an Italian word meaning courageous, smart, innovative and motivated. I believe that this team is all of those things and am delighted to be opening this company with people who represent everything that Bravi stands for.”

Breakfast was served to the new members of the Bravi brigade who were also joined by Steve Kierney from UK who will be spending a few days here in southern Brazil.

The Big Interview

4 Oct

Welcome back to our most popular regular feature, “The Tribalingua Big Interview”. We meet the members of the team and ask them about their lives, loves, hopes and fears…

We reveal the thoughts of the people who make this company such a special place to work.

This week we’re talking to Katie Wilding, the HR director for technology in the UK…


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Rau tu bi a Brasiliã – 03. Don’t be afraid of hugs.

3 Oct

James and Wellington in a friendly hug

I know this is going to be the most difficult part about Brazil’s culture: Hugs. But this is something very important to be accepted by the tribe. Brazilians do it almost all the time, for any reason and whenever they have the chance: If you are in a pub with your friends and someone is leaving, hug this person. If someone has arrived in the pub, hug this person. If you are being introduced to someone, hug this person. If someone has arrived at the office after spending some time in another country, hug this person. If someone comes from another country to visit and know the office, hug this person. You can even write “Hugs” instead of “Best Regards” in a formal work e-mail!

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