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Bamamaha Portuguese of Shame Game – The Winner!

30 Nov

The sun rose this morning to illuminate a new hero from southern Brazil. Maycon Beserra, 24, from Paraná, proudly won the “Portuguese of Shame Game”. In this game, no one from Bamamaha can speak Portuguese in work time – except when they are teaching Portuguese or insulting a gringo.

Maycon Beserra, the winner of Portuguese of Shame

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SOLID Principles, as explained by a Zombie

26 Nov

One of the Zombies just wrote a nice article about SOLID principles, in Portuguese. But Google Translate can help with that, if you prefer to read it in English. Except the code, that is.

Check it out! And nice job, Max!


Understanding the phonetic chart

23 Nov

This is a great video with Adrian Underhill, explaining a bit more about the chart we use in the office here in Brazil.

A few English speakers might appreciate it too.

The final countdown

23 Nov


New Kids on the Blog… Bravi Gabi

19 Nov




Hi everybody!

My name is Gabriela, I’m 28 years old and I’m working with the administration department at Bravi Software. It’s cool.

The main characteristic that I have is to be a calm person. I like to be at home or reading a nice book that could be fiction or suspense. Going out with  friends, to me, means laughing about nonsense and drinking some beers. But I’m not a person who goes out every day, in truth. But it makes a nice change.

Probably, some day you will ask me this: Where have you been? Why are you always missing from our get-togethers? That’s not because I don’t like my friends any more or the people who usually see me. It’s just I like to spend time relaxing at home and enjoying my family.

I was born in Orleans. It’s a very little city in Santa Catarina, and it happened because my father was transferred to this place when my mom was pregnant. After 4 years of life we moved again to Rio Grande do Sul, again to another charming little town called Canela.

My family moved to Florianópolis because there weren’t  many work opportunities and even fewer options to join a good university course.

So, I chose administration because I was interested in financial systems. I like to work with administration because I felt useful and part of a team who broadcast principles and benefits to all stakeholders in their business circle.

Organizations are responsible for building cultures, families, society and the list goes on…  It is an exciting and motivating way to see my job.

The future? God only knows!  But I hope to make progress in my career and find true happiness and the professional satisfaction and, of course, individual peace.

No, Tribalingua,  I don’t have dogs and cats, nor pockets in my pyjamas, thanks for asking.

Thanks for taking the time to read this…. it’s nice to meet you all too! See ya!

New Kids on the Blog… Bazinga Tatiane, Douglas & Diogo

9 Nov




New Kids on the Blog… Charpenings Vanessa & Mauricio

9 Nov