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Radio googoo, Radio gaga… help us!

21 Feb


Our Sheffield colleagues need some help in finding radio stations here in Brazil to help them improve their Portuguese listening skills.

“It would help us so much and is probably a great way to learn about Brazilian culture and music. I especially love Xuxa and Calipso.” says Chris Hemmings.

Tracey Wilson added, “We probably need to listen to the radio a bit more. We can listen at work. I love Sepultura and Bonde do Tigrao…”


So, can you help them? Do you know any good radio links? If you have any suggestions, please paste the link here and the best suggestion will win a bottle of English beer. Cold.



Monthly update… Highlander

18 Feb




New Year is funny, we always make a lot of plans and promises but we dont even need half of the month of January to blow it all away…

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Everything ends in Pizza

18 Feb

Ayrton Senna

Apple Pie Pizza with Ice Cream 500

Brazil is very rich in terms of food. Everybody knows our country is huge and you can find vastly different cultures and different foods among the states and cities.

But something is very common here, we’re very used to something strange, not just here in the south, but all over the country, but I think it just happens in Brazil. The ridiculous mix of pizza flavours.

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Monthly update… Zombies

18 Feb



Let’s talk about the last month for Zombie Teams. As good zombies, we have eaten brains, we have not thought about anything, we have eaten brains, we have chased life people and the best part we have eaten brains. Also we have got a new zombie, he just returned from the dead to be part of our team. Some zombies are commenting he was Michel Teló before die, but now he prefers being called Danimar.

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Learn Brazilian

18 Feb


Lit. to jump carnival

  • To celebrate carnival.

Onde você vai pular carnaval este ano?
Where are you going to celebrate carnival this year.


The world’s biggest carnival celebrations are held in Brazil. In Rio and São Paulo the escolas de samba (samba schools) offer the famous parade (desfiles) in the Sambódromo, with thousands of members and carros alegóricos – spectacularly decorated floats demonstrating specific themes.

During carnival groups of dancers and street bands called blocos parade the streets with many of the revellers (foliões) wearing fancy dress (UK) or costumes (fantasia).
Another very popular feature of carnival, especially in Salvador, is the trio elétrico – a huge truck, adapted with giant speakers and a stage on top where musicians and singers perform to the delight of thousands of fans who follow the truck as it winds its way slowly through the streets.
Throughout the country many clubs also arrange special carnival balls (bailes).
The state of Pernambuco is famous for its carnival celebrations and the very special styles of music and dancing (Frevo and Maracatu). According to The Guiness Book of Records Recife hosts the largest carnival parade in the wolrd, known as the Galo da Madrugada – Lit. the cock or rooster (US) at daybreak, which takes place in the centre of Recife on the Saturday of carnival.

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Monthly update… Bamamaha

15 Feb



Summer has come and brought with it a new area of the system for our heroes to work on. Pair programming, they managed to deliver a very important story to improve the system they develop even more.

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New poll

15 Feb

The current poll was closed and the results are:

  • … be immortal. 53.85%  (7 votes)
  • … be the richest person on the planet. 46.15%  (6 votes)
I would like to be immortal than the richest person of the world.

I would like to be immortal than the richest person of the world.

With 1 more vote the winner answer indicates that people would like to be immortal than the richest person in the world. Why have money if one day you’ll die and leave it all for your cats and kids?

Thank you for voting.

The new question is about supernatural things…

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