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Learn Brazilian

26 Mar


Lit. to end in pizza

  • Nothing comes of it.

Todo o trabalho duro da CPI acabou em pizza..
All the hard work of the congressional enquiry commitee came to nothing.

The idea that something ‘ends in pizza’ at first glance might appear to be positive. However, this expression is loaded with negative connotations. The figurative pizza party is always to celebrate total exemption from any kind of punishment, usually for corrupt practices. This expression is oftem used to refer to the impunity of politicians and the freedom they seem to have from any risk of ever being punished for wrongdoings, especially involving corruption.



Tips4Hackers: Faster ways to restart IIS

15 Mar

Tired of waiting for IISReset to finish? Do you wish it would take 1 second instead of twenty?Fast!

While developing for the Web, you may have to run IISReset.exe many times a day, to recycle the aspnet process, clear caches etc. And the thing is slow…so slow, in fact, that there are rumors that Jon, Diogo and the gang managed to play a whole game of Carcassonne in between resets.

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Monthly update… Bamamaha

11 Mar


Everybody knows that February is a very important month in Brazil, mainly because of the Carnival Celebration, when people dress in funny costumes and go into the streets to dance, drink and enjoy this happy moment.

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Monthly update… Bazinga

6 Mar


Hello everyone!

February was hot as hell here in Florianópolis. High temperatures, sudden storms, carnival. Carnival?! Yeah, Carnival! (Ok, I don’t like Carnival!).

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Monthly update… Charpenings

4 Mar



February is the peak of summer in Brazil, the temperature reached nearly 38º, with real feel above 40º. Meanwhile, Helen was freezing in UK with temperature nearly 2º.

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Monthly update… Highlander

4 Mar


February started with a lot of work to do with EBS most important release getting close and a lot of deadlines to meet.

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Monthly update… Magic Island

4 Mar

Magic Islandmagic island photo with logo

We began the month of February by celebrating Cristiana’s birthday. The Magic Island team celebrated in great Brazilian style by going for a churrasco (barbecue) and drinking some beers together.

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