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Jazz music is a language

30 Apr


As you know, today is International Jazz Day and there are a lot of events in the world that you can listen to

But what is jazz?

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Programmers and the Automated Build: A story of break-ups and love

18 Apr

If you are a software developer and work with automated build, you must admit: you have already broken the build at least once in your life. This is not something to be proud of, surely, but you have to keep in mind that breaking the build is crucial for your moral constitution. You certantly are a different person after breaking the build – at least more careful and attentive.

But if you are not a developer or have just started working with it, this post will try to explain you – through images – what is the sensation:

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Monthly update… Marmite

17 Apr

Marmite logoMarmite

February. A short month, but filled with stuff.

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Monthly Update… Bamamaha

16 Apr


March was a long, rainy month in Florianópolis.  Bamamaha’s team almost had to find another place to live, because the island was flooded by water.

But, the good side it was that they took these sad days to stay in theirs headquarters doing nothing more, nothing less than continuous the important (and everlasting) mission of: FIXING BUGS!

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The March of the Penguins

16 Apr

the NHL shield

[Disclaimer: This text is about a North American ice hockey team, the Pittsburgh Penguins, and not those pesky, disgusting south-pole habitating non-flying birds. Also, this text was originally written on April 1st, so current information will reflect that date, not today.]

Blimey! What was that? The NHL power rankings may say that the best two teams in the league right now are the Chicago Blackhawks and the Anahein Ducks, and while both teams have been doing an amazing job lately, anyone who’s so much as taken a peek at the Eastern conference will have to agree with us that, this past month, no team has shown as much promise as the black and gold Pittsburgh Penguins, who are currently in an INSANE winning streak [Editor’s note: the streak’s been broken on April 2nd]. How insane, you ask? Well, let’s take a look. Continue reading

Monthly update… Magic Island

16 Apr

Magic Islandmagic island

This month we had two birthdays in Magic Island. Diego Vissini on the 6th and Mark Wheeler on the 7th.  Diego´s mother is a very nice cook and made some special food to commemorate his birthday “vaca atolada” or “cow stew”  which is a typical food common in Santa Catarina, the main ingredients are beef rib and manioc. All Magic Island and their family were present to enjoy the very nice food.

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New poll: Would you rather be able to…

11 Apr

Hello everyone! As you’re seeing in the past weeks, North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-un is threatening South Korea, United States, Japan, Mars and Tatooine of throwing atomic bombs,  high-range missiles and confetti. For that reason the new polls wasn’t being updated, because our server is hosted in South Korea and all Tribalingua staff was focused on creating plans to keep the data safe. (and you thinking that we just forgot our polls, aren’t you?) Well, let’s show the results of the last poll. What would you rather have:

  • Invisibility and teleportation – 60.87% (14 votes)
  • Ability to read minds and fly – 39,13% (9 votes)

As you can see, the majority prefer to be invisible and able to teleport than read minds and fly. Perhaps because it’s better to see what people are doing than to know what they are thinking at any time. Being invisible and able to teleport makes you stealthy. 🙂 So, let me introduce the new poll. The new poll asks you about what you rather be able to.

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