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Monthly update… Highlander

23 May



Sorry! I know we are kinda late for our April update as we are almost finishing May but just now we had time to write about the last month…this is because we are very busy saving EBS from high priority bugs. Oh ok, probably not because of that.

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Monthly update… Marmite

20 May

Marmite logoMarmite team

“March!” – Julius Caesar

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Monthly update… Magic Island

17 May

Magic Islandmagic island

April was a busy month to Magic Island Team.

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Monthly update… Charpenings

9 May



In April the Charpenings Team worked basically with UK support bugs. A lot of calls in several areas of EBS.

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Monthly update… Bamamaha

9 May


April was quite a normal month. There was no alien invasion, no zombie apocalypse and no build was broken. Our heros, as you already know, were focused on the task of fixing bugs and reached a spectacular score of 62 points in one of their sprints.

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Monthly update… Bazinga!

8 May

Bazinga logo
Bazinga team

Hello everyody! How are you?

April was  a busy month for the Bazingas. We were working with stories for EBS 4.18 Release, which has been pretty cool. Also we had a couple of unexpected things happening during the sprints, like impediments, problems with TFS usernames and so on, but the team worked together and managed to finish the work successfully, again. Well done Bazingas!

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Monthly update… Zombies

6 May

ZombiesZombies team

You probably have been asked: What that Zombies team has been done? (Ok, probably not) I would like tell you all important details we have passed. But the truth is I even don’t remember things that happened 10 minutes ago.

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