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Magic Island release video

28 Jun

Magic Island (TM8) release celebration video for SITS:Vision 8.6.1


Tribalingua Photo Competition

25 Jun


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Monthly update… Marmite

14 Jun

Marmite logo003

April’s passed too fast, so… let’s talk about May! 😉

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Monthly update… Charpenings

14 Jun



May has started with bank holiday in Brazil. This holiday is called Labour day (Portuguese: Dia do trabalhador) an is celebrated in the first day of May. Unlike in UK we don’t move our holidays to the closest Monday. This one was celebrated on a Wednesday.

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New poll: After you die, would you rather be…

12 Jun

Hello there,

I’ll tell you something… these international events occurring in Brazil this year has been so exhaustive for the Tribalingua staff. It has been so difficult to sit down in front of a computer and write a post. We were all involved in the organisation of the Confederations Cup, transfer of Neymar to Barcelona and the most important, Rodrigo’s sex change nose surgery.

Our last poll is now closed and the resuls are:

Would you rather be able to…
  • control your dreams 64.71%  (11 votes) 
  • watch your dreams on video next day 35.29%  (6 votes)

Let’s think. By having the power of controlling our dreams we’re capable of be dreaming the things that we want. No more nightmares, maybe? So, probably with this power it wouldn’t be worth watching our dreams on video the next day.

The next poll will be about how do you want to be remembered after you pass away. I bet that at least once you’ve thought you will be remembered due to something you did in your past (which is the current) life.

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