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Interesting Tools for Learning

26 Sep


by Well

I am here to introduce you a new bimonthly(I hope) and Ialso hope that it might help your brain to keep practicing.

Today I’d like to introduce you the site

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Tips4Hackers: Template Method Design Pattern

26 Sep

mitchelby Mitchel 

Template Method Design Pattern

Howdy tribalingua followers,

This post talks about a design pattern known as template method. For those who don’t know what a design pattern is, here is a quick definition: A design pattern describes a simple and elegant solution to a specific problem in object-oriented software design. It defines a structure that makes it easier to write reusable code, decoupling your system in a way that new requirements can be easier fulfilled.

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Top Three

25 Sep


By Mitchel

Hello Tribalingua followers,

We’re starting today a new topic on the blog called Top Three, which will intend to have a new post on air every 4th week bimonthly.  We are talking about culture in a different way: we’ll choose a subject and we’ll list in detail the top three items according to its importance.

We’ll start talking about something that almost somebody wishes but only a few people have luck to achieve:  live at the best place in the world!  There are many awesome places that people imagine to live, but which are the top three best countries to dwell?

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The Big Interview… Faron Collier

25 Sep

Welcome back to our most popular regular feature, “The Tribalingua Big Interview”. We meet the members of the team and ask them about their lives, loves, hopes and fears…

We reveal the thoughts of the people who make this company such a special place to work.

Faron in Floripa

Faron in Floripa

This week we’re talking to Faron Collier who is the Head of Implementation Services for HE at Tribal.

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Movies/TV Series

24 Sep

by Vanessa

Hello folks!!

I’m here today to present you the new column of Tribalingua Blog about Movies and TV shows. Every month Priscila and I will bring some suggestions for you about this topic. I hope you all enjoy our tips and leave your comments and subject suggestions to next topics 😉

Let’s stop filling sausages and start the first topic.

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Fashion notes… bikinis!

24 Sep
avatar mari
by Mari
When you think of Brazilian clothing, be honest, you imagine scantily clad bronzed maidens in itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny bikinis.

Learn Brazilian

20 Sep


By Diego


Lit. go plant potatoes.

  • Take a hike! (US).

Vá plantar batata! Você está me irritando.
Take a hike! You’re annoying me.


batataThere are many ways to tell somebody in a rude way to go away and/or stop doing what they are doing. Here are just a we with rough equivalents in English. The list starts with the least rude and ends with the most taboo.

Vaza! – Go away!

Vá embora! – Go away!

Cai fora! – Get lost!

Se manda! – Beat it!

Vá plantar batata! – Take a hike!

Vá te catar! – Drop dead!

Vá catar coquinho! – Lit. go collect small coconuts! – Go jump in the lake!

Vá oara o inferno – Go to hell!

Vá a merda – Lit. go to shit! – Kiss my arse(UK) / kiss my ass(US)

Vá tomar naquele lugar! – Up yours!

Vá tomar no cu! – Up your arse! (UK) /Up your ass! (US) – TABOO

The last two expressions are often accompanied with the rude esture of giving somebody the finger – i.e. raising your middle finger in te air with your palm facing you.