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Atualização Trimestral… Magic Island (julho á setembro)

28 Oct

Desculpa, mas ultimamente eu tenho estado ocupado muito e tambêm trabalhado muito, por isso eu não escrevo o atualização mensal para Magic Island pelo Julho, Augusto ou Setembro!  Lamento que eu não escreva a atualização, mas eu escrevo agora porque nós temos muitas notícias para vocês.

Noticías de setembro:

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Monthly update… Mayonnaise Travellers

24 Oct

travellers3mayonnaise travelers stub

September has come and gone so fast that I haven’t even noticed that it has already gone – that’s why it took so long for me to write the Mayonnaise Travellers monthly update.

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New Poll… USA x Brazil spying problems

23 Oct

Poll Hi peeps! A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away a post was publish asking what you think FIFA World Cup 2014 will bring to Brazil: benefits or prejudice. You can see the results below: FifaPoll

As you can see, people think that the World Cup will benefit Brazil. In fact lots of jobs will be created, new stadiums, enhancements to the roads near the stadiums, airport reform to welcome the people… well there’ll be lots of good things.

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Games. PS4 Price Scandal

23 Oct

Bruno Quintella

by Bruno

PS4 – 4.000 reals.

This week all the world, it wasn’t just us, got scared about how much we need to spend to buy a PS4 in Brazil.

Sony is trying to justify why PS4 costs four thousand reals in Brazil. According to Sony the costs to import a PS4 to Brazil is R$ 858,00 (21% of the amount).  They claim R$ 2.524,00 (63% of the amount) are taxes. We can’t forget Sony and all shops need to make a profit, it’s around R$ 875,00 (22% of the amount).

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Monthly Update… Bazinga

23 Oct

Hi folks,

October is ending, but we’re here to talk about what we have done in September. Sorry about that, we were running around like headless chickens. We’ve been doing NZ support last sprints and some enhancements on SDR module.

The coolest thing done in September, I think, was that Alastair travelled to New Zealand once he’s NZ Support Champion. Rodrigo took care of the Scrum Master duties and he was very happy with it. Let’s see one of Rodrigo’s sayings when Alastair came back.

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Learn Brazilian

22 Oct


By Diego


Lit. big ear.

  • Payphone, public phone.

O Brasil tem mais de 100 milhões de linhas de celular, mas na hora de fazer uma chamada, muitos brasileiros preferem mesmo o bom e velho orelhão.
Brazil has more than 100 million cellphone lines, but when it’s time to make a call, many Brazilians actually prefer the good old payphone.


OrelhaoThe first public telephones installed on the pavement (UK) / sidewalk (US) where created in 1970 and were protected by a shell-shaped structure made of fibreflass. They soon became popularly known as orelhões – ‘big ears’.

Preposition Kings in their tower (of beer)

22 Oct

tribalingua logo

jon avatar

Why do we say ‘on the plane’ but ‘in a taxi’?

Why is it ‘in prison’ and ‘in hospital’ but ‘at home’ and ‘at the supermarket’?

What’s the difference between along and across?

For the past couple of months, Tribalingua has been running a preposition competition in the office and the results were finally announced this week. Prizes included a slap on the back, certificate and free beer.

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