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13 Nov

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I know you’ve been probably asking yourselves for a couple of months now, where are Marmite Alex and Highlander Priscila?

You may have missed hearing from them, I’m sure. Well, here comes the good news, there is NO need to cry because they’re back in the hood.

You know what? It’s good to get straight to the facts. They have been chosen to start a new awesome team after a reformulation affecting all EBS teams based in Brazil, but unfortunately for you for the first two months the team’s been just the two, and they didn’t have much ideas time to post anything here telling you the news 🙂


Diogo, the Legend

Diogo was supposed to be part of the team, but Bazinga still needed him for a bunch of sprints, so the only thing he could do as a team mate was to help choose the name and create this logo that you can see above.  What a great contribution we must say, thanks Diogo!


The Team Name

The team had a big conference that last a whole week just to choose the name of the team.


Ok, not really…

Meanwhile it has been difficult… a lot of work to be done by only two developers, our fellow friends were almost creating a country music duo Miranda & Machado.

Tinoco (dir.) com o irmão Tonico em capa de álbum

Pri and Alex worked very hard for 4 sprints when suddenly they were informed that a new guy had been selected to complete the team. When he joined the team, a bunch of work had already been reserved to him (including this blog post), so they could finally have a rest.


Let’s hear from each one what they have been doing.


So, I’m the most recent Code Brewer. I’m really excited to start coding. As I write to you, my first sprint at Bravi is getting started, and with it, I’ll start getting more hands-on activities. I’m really looking forward to this.

A little about me: I have recently graduated as a Computer Scientist here in Florianópolis and I’m starting in a new job, here at Bravi. Actually, my first formal job. Setting aside those [boring] curriculum stuff, I’m really into dance. I’ve been a kind of a “teacher assistant” at a dance school since 2011. Besides dancing, I enjoy spending my free time reading and riding my bicycle (but I don’t usually do them both at the the same time, like they did in the good ol’days).



I’m currently being the scrum master for our team, definitely an excellent experience, I hope I’m helping as much as I’m enjoying it.

In September I also made a new presentation here in the office, I spoke about Intermediate Language, the subject was challenging because it was a quite technical issue but as no one threw eggs at me so I think I went fine.


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