Monthly Update… Highlander

13 Nov



Hello guys,  First month at Bravi, first time blogging, so be kind with me xD. As you all know our brave and bold soldier Will traveled to UK, he was enjoying a lot, every stand up he was eating a lot of launch bars, so that tells that he was eating all right. He has gone to a lot of pubs, having fun, missing his wife Kemi and as always (I just met him once, but come on, he is a Highlander) he was doing a great job, he promise that when he arrive he will make a post about the trip. Mateus For Mateus this month was hard. The team have fought against really big monster, called JIRA59. These were a couple of crucial stories to do in few sprints but we are highlander, we’ve done our best and put them down. We deliver all stories in time and got extremely positive feedbacks. He had pleasure to have his family here for a weekend and a few days more. That was a good time. He’ve welcome them with a traditional “gaúcho” barbecue at night. Enjoyed the weekend on some beaches around Florianopolis, eating good and a lot, and he could not forget to take them to Guacamole, the most vivacious pub to have a dinner. Mateus – “Unfortunately we receive bad news. Our team is splitting up. Wellington gets out of Highlander team to be the best Scrum master of Bravi on “Run 4 the Hills” Team. On the other hand, we got the best new fella to work with us, a perfect highlander”. For completing this month very good, He caught his new surfboard, she is his new precious and really, really good, exactly as he was wondering. So from now on, “I hope to evolve my surf skills because I can’t blame the board any more, if not, giving up would be a good option”. For Ian, after the excitement of September this month has been quiet in comparison. He haven’t done anything in the early parts of the month, just enjoying married life, gazing at his wedding ring. The weather there is also getting very cold and is getting dark much earlier. Toward the end of the month things got a little more exciting, they welcomed me as their newest member of the team and then He also welcomed some visitors from Brazil. He went bowling with them on their 2nd night in Sheffield but even more exciting is that He won both games. They also went out on Halloween night for some drinks. Had a good time drinking and chatting and then later on in the evening all of the students from the university were out in fancy dress, “I think the guys enjoyed seeing all the people dressed up in their Halloween clothes as they say it’s isn’t celebrated much in Brazil”. peopleuk This month he have been learning some new phrases such as: “Estou com sono” “Eu sou cansado” These come in very handy in a morning especially now there is only a 2 hour gap between Brazil and the UK so he don’t have time to wake up before stand up anymore. Ruth also contribuited to our monthly update saying : “October has been a busy month for me, I spent the first part of the month trying my best to help Highlander finish the Jira 59 work, the middle of the month was bug fixes and at the end of the month I started helping out Bamamaha while Stuart is recovering. Outside of work I went to the theatre with my nieces and nephews to watch a live show called ‘Room on the Broom’. The show was adapted from a popular children’s book and is about a witch who’s looking for a Dragon that eats witches and she picks up lots of friends along the way so her broom gets very full. witch My nephew William had a major heart operation early this month and I took a week off work so I could visit him and give my sister some support. But the operation went very well and he was allowed to go home after just 5 days so my family are all very relieved. I’ve also started making Christmas decorations in my stained glass class and I did another Mosaic workshop at the end of the month in which I made a number to go outside of a house”. Well… Well(hmm..) is no longer on the team, so I will not write about how stubborn he is I’m also not congratulating him for the promotion as Scrum Master xD scrum Never the last, to finish this looong post, I’ll write about my October, because was a turbulent and messy one. I was working at “Cafundo Estudio “ as a Game developer in a educational game called Xmile, you can see the project here The project with cafundo was canceled, and I would need a new job, so here am I! I’m having a great great time working here, my colleagues are all wonderful person, the experience is being great and I’m learning a lot! Thanks you all for this opportunity.


“If your head comes away from your neck, it’s over!”

Live long and Prosper.

Luiz Silva, HighLander

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