Monthly update… Charpenings

20 Nov


October was a busy month for Charpenings, most of the time we worked on UK support and we are Build Champions now, so it was a bit stressful. As you can see below all the team, apart from Bruno, got crazy and started using some “interesting” accessories at work.

The gringas‘ Portuguese is improving a lot, Helen even sent us a postcard from New Zealand written in Portuguese. Well done, menina!

Mauricio’s Monthly Beer

As usual, Mauricio has brewed a new beer style: Saison. It is a broadly defined pale ale that in modern versions is generally around 7% abv, highly carbonated, fruity, spicy (due to the addition of exotic spices). Here is the proof:

Mauricio’s Lages Trip!

Last month I (and some other Bravi guys) went to Lages for an IT event called SerraStartec (and to eat pizza). This was an IT event when we had the opportunity to listen to some lectures. Some Bravi guys have presented lectures there, like Paulo Ragonha (Learner Analytics), Guilherme Branco (Marmite) and Alex Miranda (Code Brewery). On this trip I had a complete Lages experience, I ate an amazing pizza….

And some typical food like “Paçoca de pinhão”:

And finally we did some sightseeing

I would like to say a special thanks to the “lageanos” who were our hosts and guides on this Trip: Mr. Rodrigo Wirth from Marmite, Mr. Wellington Grisa from Highlander and Mr. Emanuel Bill da Silva from Bamamaha … Thanks, fellas!

Rachael and The Royal Air Force Air Cadets

Outside of work I am involved with The Royal Air Force Air Cadets which is an organisation for young people between the ages of 13 – 20 run by The Royal Air Force.  You can find more information about the Squadron I belong to here:

Despite the bad weather in October we managed to get a group of the Cadets out into the countryside for two days of walking and camping.  The Cadets have to walk 13 miles each day and they must carry everything that they will need including food and their tents.  They started off in the lovely village of Baslow on their first day walking with their maps and they were all really happy to get started!  This soon wore off when they realised that their bags were heavy and it was a long way to the campsite for a rest!  As staff we watch the Cadets from a distance to make sure they are ok and that they are not too lost, they don’t know that we are watching them! One group did get VERY lost and we had to spend a couple of hours looking for them, they had taken a few wrong turns.

They walked through the famous picturesque Chatsworth House estate where one Cadet got chased by a horse and then a cow and then he touched an electric fence!  He only got a small electrical shock that made his hair stand up like a crazy mad man!  He was ok after that.  Another Cadet`s walking boot fell to bits on the second day and he had to walk the last few miles in one boot and a sock

I hate camping so a night in a tent wasn’t my idea of fun but at least we didn’t have to eat camping food, all the staff had pizza delivered to the campsite whilst the Cadets had to cook their own food. We woke up  early in the morning to an amazing sunrise which made up for a rubbish night`s sleep in a cold tent.

 It was a great weekend and all the Cadets passed their expedition. It’s far too cold to do it again this year so no more camping for me until April 2014!

Helen, Brazilians, Halloween and Ireland trip!

This month saw me meeting Bruno, William and Maycon for the first time since we all starting working together.  It was a little surreal, seeing him in the flesh. 🙂  So before I returned to my mother-land – Ireland to celebrate halloween, I organised to go to a Chinese buffet and bowling.  We had a fantastic time and it was like we meet up all the time, I think it is fair to say that not many of us playing took it seriously and were cheering for anyone who got a pin down.

Then the next day I went to Ireland on the ferry with my kids, thankfully the gales had died down and we had a nice calm sea crossing.  So calm that my two little ones had a lovely sleep on the ferry.

The next day we celebrated halloween with my family, a lovely halloween themed breakfast, then a lunch party and then 3 hours of trick or treating.  My sister had us all dress up, as it is the tradition in Ireland for the parents to dress up alongside the kids when they bring them around.  It is a big thing in Ireland, they even get a bank holiday that week to celebrate it, it’s a Catholic country but it is a massive pagan celebration that has roots in times before Christianity esp. in gaelic countries.  Even jack-o-lanterns started out in Ireland, but we used turnips before pumpkins were available.  Have you ever tried to carve a turnip??

I had a great time back home and so did my kids.  Then it was back to work and back to school for them, with over 250 sweets collected and now hidden from them and my husband.

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