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Tell don’t Ask

17 Dec


Do you take care with how you write a letter so that it will clear and easy for your recipiant  to read? Well, it should be the same feeling with the code that you write. With a letter we sometimes have to stop and think what is the best way to write down what is in our minds. Therefore, we have to be clear and easy for anyone else reading what you were thinking when you wrote that.  Just as we have rules to write a nice readable letter, also we have Patterns and Principles to write clean and understandable code.

The principle Tell don’t Ask helps to ensure a correct division of responsibility  without causing excess coupling to an incorrect class.

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Bazinga… Monthly Update

16 Dec

Hello fellas, before anything, and to make your day better, here goes a nice and updated picture of the (amazing) Bazinga Team!

Rodrigo, Oberdan and Bruno

Yay !

Yeah yeah, we know, it’s been a long time without blog posts… but we were so busy fixing EBS bugs, that we had no time for the blog duties.

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13 Dec


by Nei


Our main tournament of football  finished last weekend, the “Cruzeiro Football Club”  became champion 4 games before the end of the season. Cruzeiro now won three time this tournament.

At the other end of the table there was a hard fight to escape  the second division, in our league the last four teams in the table go to second division in the next year, two teams had no more chances in the last 3 rounds, but five teams were fighting until the last round. VASCO and FLUMINENSE joined  NAUTICO and PONTE PRETA and will be on the second division next season. VASCO and FLUMINENSE are two of the big teams in Brazilian football.

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English Language Curiosities

13 Dec


by Hilton

Of all the words in the English language, the word “set” has the most definitions

infiniteDo you know any?

Interesting Tools for Learning

13 Dec

wellby Well

Hello Continuous Learning People!

Today is the day of the most boring useful (not so much) post that you can see in the  Internet.

Further we are going to talk about an interesting tool for those who want to ensure or get some ideas about how they are writing.

Thus we introduce you

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The Big Interview… Ian Whiteley

13 Dec

Welcome back to our most popular regular feature, “The Tribalingua Big Interview”. We meet the members of the team and ask them about their lives, loves, hopes and fears…

We reveal the thoughts of the people who make this company such a special place to work.

Eu sou cansado!

Eu estou sempre cansado!

This week we’re talking to Ian Whiteley who is Ebs Tester, UK Support Champion, Origamy expert and also Scrum Master to the Highlander team.

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Monthly Update… Mustard Cutters!

13 Dec



Hello people, we are happy to bring you the first monthly update of one of the new EBS team: the Mustard Cutters.

October was a month of changes in the office: new demands, new people starting, new teams. Danilo and Mitchel have been told that they would have to leave their teams to form a new one.

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