Zombies – Monthly (Year) Update

9 Dec

Maybe you think this story I’m going to tell is totally crazy, but trust me, all these things really happened. True story!!

Some weeks ago we were moving without direction just trying to find human meat to make us stronger. Danilo as usually was doing a healthy diet and was eating only brains and diet milk.

So he separated from our group to try find some fresh brains. But during this attempt he was killed (funny say it about a zombie). Poor man he was not bothering anybody, he just wanted eat some human meat. So now he is not in our group anymore.

Some time after that we were just walking around somewhere when we got a new fresh meal, I mean now we have a new member in the team that came from death to live again as a zombie. Before he die his name was  Antonio Jose Resende de Campos, but as everybody knows zombies are known as good speakers so we just call him as Toninho.

We also worked with a group of nerd scientists, Bazinga. I even don’t understand how we spent all that time with them and we didn’t eat their brains. Maybe scientist’s brains is not a good meal with all those weird ideas.

The best news is that two zombies were chosen  as employee of the month, Daniel and David. Congratulation for the great job, you both deserved that.

So that is it people. Now let me back to my brains, tasks and bugs.

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