Monthly update… Charpenings

11 Dec


After two weeks Bruno came back to Brazil, carrying an extra suitcase crowded with sweets and our new mascot, Jamie.

Our team in England, Helen and Rachael have been crying every single day since Bruno left Sheffield (só que não). The time in England flew by very fast and we had great time together.

We started December and still have some sweets left. As you can see below we’ve got a lot of packages of varied sweets and chocolates.

This month Vanessa was responsible for the best stand up Charpenings had ever had. This day is known as “Vanessa’s sh!t day”. James has got a special Christmas gift from Helen. It’s that one in the second picture. In our stand up, Vanessa decided to press it until it exploded.

It was an amazing idea and she spread a green liquid on her face and on her table. Thank you Vanessa, this day was the best stand up ever.

In November we had our second IELTS test at Bravi. All the English class groups had their English skills tested through four areas: listening, speaking, writing and reading.

Now we are looking forward to see the results and how much we have improved (or not).

To celebrate the schools delivery, the EBS team had a special lunch. We went to a barbecue restaurant to have some meat. As you can see below James Ward (The Gringo) was very excited about the meat.

Have a great month… and Merry Christmas!

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