Monthly Update….Sausage Team

11 Dec


It’s been a month that Code Brewery and Mustard Cutters are working together as a SUPER-team. The team creation went somewhat like this:

  • Look at those huge stories! How are we going to complete them?

  • Let our powers combine!

  • Beer!

  • Mustard!

  • By ours powers combined, we’re The Sausage Team!!!!!!

  • GO SAUSAGE!!!!!!!!!!!

Jokes apart, it has been a good experience for both teams to work together. Having two scrum masters in our team has contributed to them to share the work and their experiences, hence helping each other to grow as a better team. All the super team could learn a lot about databases with Alex.

It became normal to hear both teams talking about the future, breaking the future, aterrorizing in the Future.  Is this a new episode of Back to the Future movie?

Oh no, they are working on New Architecture of EBS and because of that they are working on a different branch that is called Future. Apart of this a lot of work has been done to change the way the system loads the configuration and our dear fellows already changed more than a hundred places were web_config was used.


The main cultural difference between CB and MC are the celebration dances. CB has lots of dances to celebrate stuff, from a story delivery to a bug rejection. Although all the dances look exactly the same, the meaning is what matters. Danilo was the first Mustard Cutter to adopt this new habit, CBs are still struggling to convince Mitchel and Ruann to do the same, though.

Since iteration 9 we’ve been working with New Architecture, a design change made in EBS for Australian clients. It’s been very nice, as this is new, so we had to figure it out how to do it. At first, we had some help from Mayonnaise Travellers, as they worked in this area before. We believe that the work we have been doing is going to be the foundation for others works in the New Architecture and we are very proud of the contributions we have made to it’s documentation.

In the final week of the month we are allocated as everyone else to help with the bugs list. This was a good opportunity to Matheus and Ruann to working in different parts of the system, we believe that this will improve their basic knowledge in EBS. In this sprint was itpossible to make a lot of pair programming, which had helped teams to share experience.


At least for me, the last sprint was quite odd. Almost every bug that I worked on, wasn’t actually a bug. All of them were already fixed or couldn’t be reproduced.

Are you seeing this bug? Neither am I…

– Blood donation

This month Bravi made an action amongst it’s employees to encourage them to donate blood. Most of us wanted to give it a try, but some could not donate because of Brazilian legislation. Only Danilo and Matheus were able to donate this time. They were very happy in helping the ones in need.

The image above shows how happy Danilo was.

Mitchel went through a surgery to remove his wisdom teeth, actually  he decided to remove all wisdom tooth at once.


The week before the surgery he went asking people around how did the surgery goes for them. Of course everyone did the impossible to terrify the poor guy.
“I can’t believe they can do that to people! It’s completely outrageous. Thank God I don’t have any other Wisdom teeth to extract, I don’t wish this to anyone.”, Mitchel, 26.

<NoJokes> Ok, he didn’t say that, he got a bit scared in the beginning but that’s was all.
His real comments were: “It was much better than I expected. It hurts a little bit, I can’t eat solid food for a while because of the stitches so I’ll be on a soup and ice cream diet for a while. I’ll be back in a few days.” </NoJokes>

The first comment is better, in my opinion. Just sayin’…

Danilo started taking Jiu Jitsu classes, he thinks he’ll fit in just fine.

“I’d like to try different things when it comes to martials arts. I’ve taken Kung-fu, Capoeira, Muay thai and Boxing classes and now Jiu Jitsu. No, I don’t want to enter MMA. They don’t have a super heavyweight category, I know, it’s a shame…”, Danilo, 27.
He had two classes already, he got a twisted ankle and injured thumb.

Alex who really loves his friend, colleague and Sausage team Tester Craig said:
“What did I do last month? …. I was doing stuff because nobody yes door.”.

That’s all folks.  GO SAUSAGE!
P.S: Remember, remember. The 5th of November…

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