13 Dec


by Nei


Our main tournament of football  finished last weekend, the “Cruzeiro Football Club”  became champion 4 games before the end of the season. Cruzeiro now won three time this tournament.

At the other end of the table there was a hard fight to escape  the second division, in our league the last four teams in the table go to second division in the next year, two teams had no more chances in the last 3 rounds, but five teams were fighting until the last round. VASCO and FLUMINENSE joined  NAUTICO and PONTE PRETA and will be on the second division next season. VASCO and FLUMINENSE are two of the big teams in Brazilian football.

Below is the final classification table for season 2013.


Copa do Brazil

Copa do Brazil is other national competition that started in February 2013 and finished in November. 87 teams participate in this competition. Dont ask me how that is possible.

At the end the third biggest team of Brazilian football won. Congrats FLAMENGO.

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