Bazinga… Monthly Update

16 Dec

Hello fellas, before anything, and to make your day better, here goes a nice and updated picture of the (amazing) Bazinga Team!

Rodrigo, Oberdan and Bruno

Yay !

Yeah yeah, we know, it’s been a long time without blog posts… but we were so busy fixing EBS bugs, that we had no time for the blog duties.

In October, we started solving lots of bugs for New Zealand, after that we “merged” teams with Zombies, which ended up like this:


In October and most of November, we were supposed to work on “New Architecture” as a Super Team, but we realised that we had some StudyLink stuff for New Zealand and we had to leave Zombies alone on NA.


So, Bazinga and Zombies shared the same backlog, and helped to extermine 20+ bugs in only one iteration!

Thank you guys for your effort. 😀

A popular saying tells you that “when you work, time  flies”, and Bruno went through his first 3 months as a Bravi employee. That means, he had his first performance review… with the bosses.

Hello Bruno, sit closer.

Everything went well, and now, more than ever, Bruno can be classified as a true Bazinga member! Congratz, Bruno.

Bruno still learning the tips and tricks of EBS and as he says, his feelings are still like this:

But not only of good news a man lives. Rodrigo was involved in a car accident, and unfortunately he’s alive. Well, it was not THAAAAAAAT car accident. It was more like this…

Ah, ok, it wasn’t that way as well.. What happened was that someone tried to carry a couch on their car and some part of it fell down on the road. :O Rodrigo could stop, but the guy behind him could not! Between deads and injureds, everything went ok.. just material damages.

In October Oberdan enjoyed another Heavy Metal show. This one was historical! It was the first time that Black Sabbath played in Brazil with their very first line up (just the drummer Bill Ward, James’ uncle wasn’t present due to problems with the band) since ever… and analysing how the band members are looking, probably it was the first and only time! Check out how it was.

09/10/2013 – Black Sabbath live in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil

It’s not possible to describe the awesomeness that it was. Epic it’s the best word!

In October Alastair flew to Tuscany – Italy, to participate at the Unified World Championship of Martial Arts. He got bronze medal at Vietnamese Kung Fu weapons points fighting. That’s great. Have a look at the entire English team.

England WTKA Team

That’s all folks! Hope you have a happy Christmas and a happy New year! 😉

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  1. Anonymous December 16, 2013 at 7:16 pm #

    Nice post.
    It was really fun to read it.

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