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English mistakes Brazillians do – Part 1/3

29 Jan
Billby Bill
Learning a second language is mind-blowing! I don’t know about you, but I certainly think it’s very cool to be able to speak different languages. Heck, I started studying English as a kid just because I thought English sounded cooler than Portuguese. Nowadays, I’m on my way to learning my third language, and I have no plans to stop there. But learning new languages isn’t necessarily easy to do.
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Bravi…. First Impressions!

29 Jan

Vitor Alanoby Victor

Hello people.

I am completing one month at Bravi Software. So I had the idea to share with all of you my First Impressions of Bravi. To improve this post, I asked the others new guys to write their First Impressions too.

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28 Jan
avatar mariby Mari
Fashion Weeks are Unfashionable
Whenever my time comes to publish my participation in the Tribalingua blog to talking about fashion I realize I probably  know nothing and actually do not care much about it . Who sees me walking here in Bravi can see that I’m not a very updated and trendy girl who does not dress like a model girl.. hehe. But, to practice writing in English, here’s my little contribution from my point of view:
Nowadays a Fashion Week , for example, has more a sense of an advertising promotion than really fashion. And this type of event in the cultural calendar is in different cities – God! how many fashion weeks are there in the world! 😛  It`s much more marketing than the appreciation of fashion. Even fashion gaining a certain cultural status in the world today, is still seen as a matter of second or third step.

Monthly Update… Charpenings

28 Jan


Happy New Year folks!

December was a support sprint month for ChaRpenings. Mauricio and Rachael were on holidays whilst Bruno and Vanessa were having fun with a big amount of bugs 😀

During Rachael’s holidays Nick  has helped us with testing. Thank you Nick!

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28 Jan


by Wirth

Hi friends,

Today I’m here to tell you about the end of the Brazilian Championship 2013. The first thing I have to say is our winner, with a couple of rounds in advance and 66.7% success, it’s:

Cruzeiro Esporte Clube, it’s from Minas Gerais. This year Cruzeiro had a spectacular performance and its effort was worthwhile to win the title. Congratulations to Cruzeiro.

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Surf – How to

28 Jan

mateusby Mateus

Learning how to surf

Learning how to surf involves plenty of effort, time, availability, equipment and persistency. The most important is to be very persistent because, as most things in life, you fail at the beginning. Also, it might take a while until you perceive your progress but I can guarantee its worth the effort. Surf is an amazing radical sport and very healthyl. It will turn into your lifestyle.

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Brazil World Cup – Main Stadium

28 Jan

wirthby Wirth

Hi folks, how are you doing?

Today I wanna show you guys the main stadium, which will be used in the Brazil World Cup this year. Its name is “Estádio Jornalista Mário Filho”, but it is known as “Maracanã” or just “Maraca”.

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