Interesting Tools for Learning – Anki

3 Feb


by Wellington

Hello fans… today is the day for perhaps the most exciting post (I know you have been waiting with baited breath the last days) A post to make you improve and develop your life. Today we are going to talk about Anki, a flash-card based learning system!


At first sight it might seems normal and boring, however it has some interesting features. To begin, it is a multi-platform system which covers different desktop operational systems, web and mobile.

First of all you can work without creating any account, just downloading the desktop program and start using it. After that you can start creating your own decks and populate them the way it fits better to you, it has some templates to create the card. One good feature in the creation of the card is that you can insert media, i.e. images, on the cards.


Given the decks you can choose one and start having fun!

Anki uses the idea of interval study application, whereby when you open the application, the cards that are due appear for study. When you are studying your cards, you do not have just the options, I Know or I don’t know, you can set the difficulty of that card. Therefore the cards are not treated equally, i.e the interval will be made larger or smaller depending on the degree of difficulty you have marked the card.


Another great feature is the possibility to have decks synchronized between the desktop and mobile applications. In order to use this feature it is need to create an account, after that you can easily have the same decks in both applications and test your knowledge wherever you are.


It also has a way to share your decks or even import already existing ones.

In conclusion, this is a good application in order to improve your vocabulary, following the idea of keeping on practising and the use of flash-cards.

Happy flashing, folks!

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