Monthly Update… Mustard Cutters!

17 Feb



Hello Earthlings!

A new year, new hopes, resolutions that won’t be fulfilled as always and a new Mustard Cutters monthly update.

We started the year without Mitchel, because he went on his deserved holiday. Danilo and Ruann kept cutting mustard seeds (read bugs) for the rest of the month.


Hot days awaited us in January, the temperature was around 35°C. We haven’t seen rain in weeks. The weather forecast says there’ll be no rain until the second half of this month. Good time to go to the beach. Right, Mitchel?

In January, Mitchel went to Rio Grande, his hometown, to see his family and friends. The city is known to have the biggest beach in the world, called “Cassino”.  He said: “I had a great time over there! It was awesome spent some time with my family and friends”. Just look at this baby…


After that, he came back to Santa Catarina and went to Itapema, a city near Florianópolis, to stay with his parents. The weather was wonderful and he chilled out at the beach for two weeks. Lucky guy! Meanwhile, Danilo and Ruann, using almost all of their energies, worked very hard to keep Mustard Cutters work at highest level of quality. Well done, guys!

It was a quiet month for Danilo. He studied scrum and team development to help him fulfill his role as a scrum master and he began to use GTD with Evernote. Thanks to William.

It was a great month for Ruann. Since he did not have anything related to college to do, he could spend more time with his family and friends and attend some Bravi events. This month was the first month that he and Danilo started using GTD to manage their to do list. He had his first 90 days review. Everything went fine and he wasn’t fired. Surprisingly.

Have a great Feb. Enjoy the sunshine!

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