Monthly Update… Mayonnaise Travellers!

10 Mar



All aboard!!
Hello, my name is Vítor and  I will guide you to our Mayonnaise Monthly Travel.

This month Bruna fought one of the most dangerous monsters of the mayonnaise. The immortal bug named Phoenix. But with a little help from my (her) friends she won the fight. YEEEYY.

– Tough times – or bugs – never last. But tough people do. – she said, in the exclusive speech she gave to the team.


For our surprise we discovered the chef inside Rafael, he made an awesome Ribbs on the Barbie on our epic team barbecue.

Take a look at that!


Besides that we discovered that Rafa worked as a Pizza Man in Ireland, so he sweared that he will make some pizza to us someday.

We are waiting Rafa. NHAM NHAM


Sadly this month Captain Danillo Corvalan left our team. He is seeking for new epic quests. Hope someday we can find you travelling in mayonnaise again Danillo. May the Doge (Force) be with you.


Finally this month everything is going better then expect in our stories what reflected in an amazing burndown… or should I say Caturndown.


See yaa!

By Vitor Alano – From Cachoeirinha/RS

2 Responses to “Monthly Update… Mayonnaise Travellers!”

  1. brunacarlos March 10, 2014 at 7:15 pm #

    In that picture, we look pretty…ugly :3
    Thanks for the update, Vitor! And welcome to the team 🙂

    • Vítor March 10, 2014 at 7:20 pm #

      Hey this is my best angle! Thank you Bruna!

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