Ian’s Bike Ride

13 Mar


by Ianland

Due to the UK being a small country we have a challenge called LEJOG which is where people walk, cycle or use other means of transport to travel from Land’s End in the South West of the mainland to John OGroats which is on the North East of the Country, which depending on the route taken can vary upwards from 900 miles. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Land%27s_End_to_John_o%27_Groats

This year I will be cycling the route with 2 friends at a distance of about 1007 miles over 12 days.  Details of the route we are taking can be found below. We also have a website setup http://lejog.org.uk/ which links to Twitter, a blog and a fund raising page as we are raising money for charity. We are currently trying to raise a £1 per mile each for the 3 of us.

Day Start Finish Mileage Map Link
1 Land’s End Bodmin 70 Map
2 Bodmin Tiverton 77 Map
3 Tiverton Bristol 71 Map
4 Bristol Ludlow 79 Map
5 Ludlow Northwich 90 Map
6 Northwich Kendal 85 Map
7 Kendal Dumfries 89 Map
8 Dumfries Ardrossan 81 Map
9 Ardrossan Oban 90 Map
10 Oban Drumnadrochit 96 Map
11 Drumnadrochit Altnahara 80 Map
12 Altnahara John O’Groats 75 Map

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