Xbox One – The Controversies

17 Mar

Bruno Quintella

by Quintella

Since the Xbox One was announced, it has suffered a lot of criticism due its new functions.

After thee Xbox One been released to the public, Phil Spencer from Microsoft Studios went to the SXSW Gaming Pro 2014 to explain all the controversy around the console.

He recognized he was in a complicated situation during the Xbox One announcement due to the way they’ve used to show the new console to the community.

He believes all the decisions made by Microsoft, mainly the decision to require the console to connect to the internet everyday, they’re good decisions. The only problem to him is the way it was shown to the community.

After that he learned a lot about how to present and talk to the public.

He also commented about the number of new ‘fans’ is growing, he thinks most of them have an odd behaviour, that the new ‘fans’ need to hate the rival company after they buy a console.

Spencer has friends in different companies such as Sony and Valve. He considers this behaviour unnecessary and says, overall, that everybody is helping to elevate the art of creating games.

Phil Spencer

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