Monthly Update – Charpenings

25 Mar


February was a stressful month in regard to the sprint work. We have been working in the TAFE Support which is a bit tricky due to the time zone difference between UK, Brazil, and Australia. We’ve been investigating and fixing a bunch of bugs in different EBS areas.

But apart from the hard working it’s summer in Brazil 😀


As usual, I  brewed a new beer style: Weizenbier. It’s kind of a popular beer style (at least in Brazil) and it was one of the first imported beers to become popular here. But the version that me and my friends have brewed has one defect: too carbonated. Apart from that it’s a really nice beer and it tastes good.

Regarding of the beer we made a mini Bravi bbq at my house. The main course was “Maminha” (Not safe for translation):

This image is for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product.



This month I held a themed party with my hubby for his siblings and partners.  We had a 1950’s diner theme, so everyone dressed up and we cooked some really good ‘diner’ style food.  So homemade burgers, flavoured shrimp and for those who had space,  an ice cream sundae.  It’s based on a UK TV programme called “Come Dine with Me”.

The room was all decorated, entertainment sorted and drinks flowing, after the meal we were judged and we got a total of 37 out of 40 by the two couples.  Not a bad score, especially since we were the first couple to 1.JPGphoto 3.JPG

This month we are going to a 70’s themed one, not my type of clothing at all, so wish me good luck.







February was music month for our team!  I was looking for something new to listen to one day at my desk so I asked the team to give me some recommendations, we soon discovered that Mauricio likes to rock, Wilson likes some weird music including a song called ‘Where’s Me Jumper’,  (M, can you embed the video?) Vanessa likes homegrown Brazilian music, I am obsessed by a band called Cry The River and Bruno… well Bruno took sooooooo long to think what he likes!


We decided to make our very own Charpenings playlist, we picked a few songs each and made the playlist on Spotify.  It’s a great mix of music, why not follow the playlist

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