The Top Three

7 Apr


by Mitchel

Hi Tribalingua followers,

You know that all eyes are on Brazil, the World Cup 2014 host. This long wait is finally coming to an end! We are  less than three months away from seeing the best players in the world together on the Brazilian football pitches. At the end of this post you will discover, if you still don’t know, who are the top three scorers in World Cup history.


Despite all of the excitement that this tournament has brought for Brazil, many people are complaining about the money spent to build the stadiums. Brazilian health care, education, and transportation systems are very bad compared to the taxes that Brazilians pay, and people think their money could be better invested in public services. Besides that, some stadiums and infrastructure  are behind schedule, making a bad impression.


Although these are completely reasonable complaints, everybody expects an excellent World Cup and one of the best in many years. Despite delays, it seems that everything will be completed on time. All nations have good teams, and even if everybody has their favourites, anyone has a chance to win.

Let’s go for the top three of the day. Do you know which player is the best scorer of all World Cup History? Here we go.

3 – Just Fontaine – France – 13 goals

2 – Klose and Gerd Muller – Germany – 14 goals

1 – Ronaldo – Brazil – 15 goals


The best one, of course, is Brazilian!

Fingers crossed and may the best man wins! Go Brazil!!!!

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