World Cup Host City: Brasilia

10 Apr


by Nei

The next city in the cities of the FIFA World Cup 2014 that I will talk about is Brasilia.


Brasilia : Brazil’s capital, construction began in 1956 and the city was inaugurated on the 21st of April, 1960. It is an ultra-modern city. One of the main characteristics is its large avenues. Brasilia is considered a vanguard in terms of architecture created by Oscar Niemeyer, the man behind the majority of Brasilia’s structures, like the Metropolitan Cathedral and the bridge,Juscelinno Kubischeck.

In terms of football Brasilia does not have an important team in Brazil, the two most well- known teams are Gama and Brasiliense . Gama is now playing in regional competitions and Brasiliense will play in Serie C of the Brazilian Championship.

The world cup stadium is “Brasilia National Stadium”. It is a modern stadium and was built in the place of the “Mané Garrincha  Stadium” that was almost completely demolished to make room for the new stadium. In case Brasilia has better teams in the future, the Brasilia National Stadium will be the third stadium in Brasilia.  The city also has the Serejão and the Bezerão.


Initially the Brasilia National Stadium will receive the matches between Switzerland vs Ecuador – June 15, at 13h; The next match is Colombia vs Ivory Coast – June 19 at 13h; followed by Cameroon vs Brazil – June 23 at 17h; And the last game of the first phase is Portugal vs Ghana – June 26 at 13h. The Brasilia National Stadium will also hold matches for the final 8 and quarter-finals.






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