Bazinga – Monthly Update!

14 Apr



Foto: Alastair Bell's virtual birthday


Hi fellows, I’m Victor, and as a new Bazinga (temporary) member I was put in charge to put together this monthly update!

Since I arrived I have been trying to understand the EBS and help the team. Bruno, Oberdan and Alastair have all been great in helping me out.

Well, I can’t say much about the previous months, but since I have been here Oberdan went to the  Metallica show in Morumbi stadium :

(São Paulo-SP)(10 hour trip by bus)

Bruno went to Lages-SC to see his family and enjoy the company of his friends:

Also Bruno made his first speech at Bravi about Dart:

Alastair had birthday and brought us some cake. Yay!:

Foto: Thanks Alastair Bell!

(Alastair, Cake)

Alastair started moving things into his  new house too.

Our honorable member, Rodrigo Vieira, left Bazinga:

I’m very happy with this team and everything is going well.


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