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Learn Brazilian

22 May


By Diego


Lit. to grate.

  • To work hard, to bust a gut.

“Ela ralou de estudar para aprender português.”

“He bust a gut studying to learn Portuguese.”


English Curiosities

21 May


by Hilton


First Impressions

20 May


by Gabriel, Kristof, Thercio, Milton

The company

This is a fast growing company. It’s only two years old but it already has almost 70 employees. Bravi is in a phase of constant change and the Agile philosophy is taken seriously here.

When you arrive here you have several introductions and presentations about everything you should know before you start working, which is very helpful.

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World Cup Opening Match

20 May


by Wirth

Hi friends,

Our world cup is coming and we are anxiously awaiting it. Today I would like to talk to you about the opening and final matches.

The opening match will be played on July 12th at the Arena Corinthians stadium in São Paulo. The match features Brazil and Croatia.

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Brazilian Beer Festival

15 May


by Mauricio

Brazilian Beer Festival

It has been a long time since my last post about beer and I’m sorry about that 😦

In this post I’m going to talk quickly about the Brazilian Beer festival, which I went to in March.

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Wings for Life World Run

13 May

Douglas Almeida - Avatar

by Douglas

On Sunday, May 4, Florianópolis was the Brazilian host for the first edition of Wings for Life World Run. The main and noble purpose of this sporting event is to support the research of spinal cord injuries.  All of the proceeds from the run are put towards research.

This was not your typical charity run. The race was scheduled to start simultaneously at 10am UTC in 34 locations around the world.  It was truly a “global race”.

Each route was 100km, but the race had very different rules.  Basically, the challenge consisted of a dynamic race format where after 30 minutes an official “catcher car” progressed through the circuit following the runners.  If you were passed by the “catcher car” than your race was over. Consequently, the last runner overtaken by the “catcher car” was considered the world winner.


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Sam’s Album Review

5 May


By Sam

               Since I arrived here at Bravi 4 months ago I have come to the realization that music plays an important role here.  Rarely does a day go by that someone doesn’t ask me about a concert or recommend a song or band.  And let’s not forget to mention the hours our programmers are plugged into Grooveshark and Spotify.  So without further ado, let’s get to one of my favorite albums from 2013!

Halo of blood

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