Wings for Life World Run

13 May

Douglas Almeida - Avatar

by Douglas

On Sunday, May 4, Florianópolis was the Brazilian host for the first edition of Wings for Life World Run. The main and noble purpose of this sporting event is to support the research of spinal cord injuries.  All of the proceeds from the run are put towards research.

This was not your typical charity run. The race was scheduled to start simultaneously at 10am UTC in 34 locations around the world.  It was truly a “global race”.

Each route was 100km, but the race had very different rules.  Basically, the challenge consisted of a dynamic race format where after 30 minutes an official “catcher car” progressed through the circuit following the runners.  If you were passed by the “catcher car” than your race was over. Consequently, the last runner overtaken by the “catcher car” was considered the world winner.


In the first edition, the race had 35.497 participants and  the global champions were:

-Men: Lemawork Ketema, Ethiopia, 78.58 km (48.83 miles)

-Women:Elise Selvikvag Molvik 54.79 km (34.04 mi)




Therefore, some professional athletes from different sports were running as Wings for Life ambassadors. In Florianopolis the world champion in vert skateboarding, Sandro Dias (A.K.A. Mineirinho), was representing Brazil.

 skater brazil


From what I could see, all who participated left happy with their performance and motivated to keep training. This kind of healthy competition, besides helping a lot of people, can be an inspiration for runners on all levels.

Some Bravi members participated in the event and we all achieved our personal goals.  We even ran farther than we expected. Unfortunately none of us won a prize.  Maybe next year with more training one of us will be a top runner!


Bravi runners results were:

– Douglas Almeida – Established goal: 18km;  Achieved goal: 22km;

– Rafael Demenech  – Established goal: 12km; Achieved goal: 15km;

– Matheus Magrin – Established goal: 8km; Achieved: 12km;



We hope in 2015 that they hold the race in Florianópolis again.  We would love to see more people from Bravi participate!


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  1. mitchelfelske May 13, 2014 at 12:05 pm #

    Nice man!

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