Brazilian Beer Festival

15 May


by Mauricio

Brazilian Beer Festival

It has been a long time since my last post about beer and I’m sorry about that 😦

In this post I’m going to talk quickly about the Brazilian Beer festival, which I went to in March.

What is it?

The Brazilian Beer festival (Festival Brasileiro da Cerveja) is the biggest beer event in the whole country. The Beer festival is held annually, typically in March. This festival brings together a bunch of different Brazilian breweries that submit their beers to be judged. They can also sell their beer to the audience.

Where is it?

The Beer Festival is held in a city colonized by Germans called Blumenau. Blumenau is situated 200 km northwest of Florianópolis.

What is the beer of the year?

On the first day of the festival they choose the best beers. This year the champion was the “Açaí Stout” brewed by Amazon Beer.


What is the best brewery?

The judges also name the brewery of the year. This year a brewery called Bodebrown won the title of “Best Brewery”.

Here are some of their winning beers:

– Gold: Imperial Stout Oak (Belgian-Style Dark Strong Ale)

– Silver: De Bora Extreme (Barley Wine-Style Ale), Abadia Saint Arnould 8 (Belgian-Style

Dubbel), De Bora Porter (Robust Porter), Wee Heavy (Scotch Ale), Verum (Session Beer), Wee

Heavy Oak (Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer)

– Bronze: 4 Blés (Belgian-Style Dark Strong Ale), Cacau IPA (Chocolate Beer), Hop Weiss

(Specialty Beer)

What was the best beer that I tried?

In my humble opinion , the best beer that I tried at the festival was a Doppelbock, which is by brewed by Abadessa.

You can find out more about the festival here (the website provides an English version :D) by accessing the following url:

That’s all folks,



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