First Impressions

20 May


by Gabriel, Kristof, Thercio, Milton

The company

This is a fast growing company. It’s only two years old but it already has almost 70 employees. Bravi is in a phase of constant change and the Agile philosophy is taken seriously here.

When you arrive here you have several introductions and presentations about everything you should know before you start working, which is very helpful.


Bravi is like a big family.  Everyone is very welcoming, easy going, and helpful. This family is, basically, a bunch of geeks, surfers, and rockers who are very motivated and committed to their daily duties.  They are also friendly, take the time to have a chat, and love to have a laugh.

People Care

An important and irreplaceable part of the company is the People Care. They’re responsible for the general office satisfaction and do their very best to make everyone happy. They really do care about the people.


The office has a great atmosphere and the glass walls give it a very open feeling. During your free time you can take a nap, play games, watch TV, surf the web, or just hang out with your colleagues. Feeling hungry? No problem! There are sandwiches and fresh fruits for everyone throughout the day! Also, Bravi has a very dedicated staff that really knows how to bake cucas! Dona Rita and her staff make it their sacred mission to keep this office spotless and clean while making sure we aren’t wanting for food, coffee, or smoothies.

The office is located in a corporate park in Santo Antonio de Lisboa neighborhood, just three minutes away from the sea. Here you can see some animals like lizards, blue jackdaws, and woodpeckers.


If you like challenges, Bravi won’t disappoint you either. The work is hard, complex, and intense, but it is always interesting and educational. We have daily meetings with people from the UK who guide us through our tasks, help us out whenever they can, and keep us busy. Bravi is serious business, but when you go home at 17:30 you feel like you accomplished something, and that you may be just a little bit smarter than when you walked into the building that morning.


If you feel like your English needs improvement, Bravi has got you covered! There are English classes with native speaking professors who won’t let you down. Oh, there are also Portuguese classes for the gringos, so they will fit in in no time.

So, in short, we love working here! 🙂


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