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12 Months,12 Books, 1 Goal

30 Jun

Vitor Alano

by Vitor

Hi there 😀

When I was a kid I hated reading. I continued to hate reading until I discovered that I could choose which book I wanted to read. I tried a lot of different types of books and I discovered some styles of books that I really enjoy.

This year I proposed a challenge to myself: 12 books in 12 months. The first book I read for this challenge was “Youth” from Isaac Asimov.

First, let’s talk a little bit about Asimov. His real name is Isaak Yudovich Ozimo, and he was an American author and professor of biochemistry at Boston University. He is considered a master of hard science fiction. He wrote more than 500 books and also received 14 honorary doctorate degrees from universities. Continue reading


Englishnese or Japanenglish

27 Jun
André Sato
by André
Hi everyone. This post is about English use in Japanese daily life. The  Japanese language has fewer sounds than most other languages. That means it is extremely difficult for them to note the different sounds that don’t exist in their own language. Along with the fact that after WWII, the USA started to gain much more influence in Japan, so new words were incorporated into the everyday life of a common Japanese person.

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English Language Curiosities

24 Jun


by Hilton

Ewe and You: Sound exactly the same but have no letters in common.


Tools for Learning – IELTS Skills App

24 Jun


by Well

Hello everyone! As usual I am writing our lovely bi-monthly post in order to share some knowledge and improve our learning skills. As we are totally frustrated happy with our IELTS results (for those who don’t know, we take the IELTS test semi-annually here at the company), I thought about creating a post in order to help our progress. Without further adieu, I introduce to you the “IELTS Training” Android app.

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When Surfing, Be Careful

20 Jun


by Mateus

Last weekend I was surfing at a beach where I’ve never surfed before in Florianópolis, called “Morro das pedras”. It is a beautiful place where a corner of the hill enters into the sea making good rights on the left side of the hill and good lefts on the right side of the hill. It can be a little dangerous if you do not pay enough attention.


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English Language Curiosities

13 Jun


by Hilton

Polish: The only word in the English language that changes its pronunciation when capitalised. “My Polish relatives gave me some furniture but I have to polish it every week.”

(The ‘o’ in ‘ Polish’ is pronounced /ou/. In ‘polish’ it is pronounced /ɔ/)


Footbal – World Cup Has Started

12 Jun


by Wirth

Hi friends,

Today is a happy day. The Brazilian World Cup is starting. From today to July 13th we can follow our national teams through the Cup. We can support them in all the matches. Our heart will beat stronger. We will be very nervous during the matches. Let’s support them in the best way and let’s celebrate this tournament.


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