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Rafa’s Adventures Part 2 – Camel Beer

17 Jul

Rafael Demenech

by Rafa

A great experience in my life was when I went to Morocco and visited some places there. I will tell you some amazing, crazy and awesome things about those days there.

Who went on the trip?


Arthur, Murillo and Me of course!

What was the main reason to go there?

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Creating Stories: Future

15 Jul

Luiz Silva

by Luiz


Gabi – Devi – telepathy

Luiz – Bast – duplicate/ super-speed

Perosa – Wegvell – mechanic

Gabriel – Dexter – iron man

Samuri – Julio –  stength/teleport

The Meeting Room

It was the start of a new day. Four people were standing in the room, they had feared this day for a long time yet they’d also waited for this day since, well, forever. Today was the day they would become soldiers.

As the only door in the room opened, two pale men entered the room. They looked exactly the same.

“Good morning” one of them said, while the other delivered a tablet to each member of the team.

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And the Winner Is…

14 Jul


by Sam

For the past month some English classes have worked on a business proposal and presentation for a product which they created. These products ranged from iPoop, an application that helps you find bathrooms, share poops, etc., to a wristband that measures your blood alcohol level and helps you remain at a constant .14 for optimal programming efficiency. Other ideas included a 24/7 beer depot that deposits many types of beer in one easy to use machine, a “performance” beer that gives you all of the liquid courage that regular beer does while allowing you to keep hydrated and at top physical ability, a “transformer” car, and a car that helps you get home after a long night on the town.  All of the groups put forth some effort, although there was one group that surpassed them all.  And that group is…

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Speed Boats

11 Jul


by Will

Speed Boats – How to Improve your Sailing in 4 Easy Steps

Trust me. The development process is like driving a speedboat. You need to go as fast as possible and tackle any obstacles using the very best approach. You need to consider the wind, waves, rocks, engine, even the sun… and get them to work in your favour.


The idea is to create a new perspective for your retrospective. When facing problems, the team will find a creative way for dealing with them. Not only is creativity involved in this process but you can also provide efficient strategies to solve your problems.

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Bazinga! Monthly Update

7 Jul


Hi guys, I am Alberth (or Alberffffffff). David and I are the new members of the Bazinga Team (yes, our friend Victor left the bear cave) and I am going to give you an update about our team.

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Football – Quarter-Finals are starting

5 Jul


by Wirth

Hi friends,

Today we are starting the World Cup quarter-finals, and we already know the eight best national teams of the world. From now we are going to have only very good matches. There is no favourite in any match, it is awesome. Good matches to watch. Continue reading