Bazinga! Monthly Update

7 Jul


Hi guys, I am Alberth (or Alberffffffff). David and I are the new members of the Bazinga Team (yes, our friend Victor left the bear cave) and I am going to give you an update about our team.

Alberth David


Well, I am from Sertaneja, a little town in the north of Parana. On March 5th I arrived at Bravi to start the “EBS Adventure”, where I met my new co-workers Alastair (Mr. Sino), Bruno (Lobo), and Oberdan (Ob, Odebrech, Lucas, Fernando whatever). I have been learning so much from these fellas. They really do make the job so much easier and fun.

Bruno is like a wolf, and I can describe him by moods as you can see on the chart. His looks change depending on which mood he’s in.



Currently this is the Bruno’s mood.


Alastair loves take pictures and practicing his exotic/alternative fighting (I heard he is really good at this). At the moment, Alastair and his son are learning how to tomahawk fight.


When I hear something about Heavy Metal/Death Metal, just one person comes to my mind: my colleague Oberdan. He’s very addicted to this kind of music (check the picture below).


I am so grateful to the Bravi people and the guys for receiving me in such a friendly manner. I expect to grow with the team and help them do a nice job on the EBS!

See you next time,


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