Speed Boats

11 Jul


by Will

Speed Boats – How to Improve your Sailing in 4 Easy Steps

Trust me. The development process is like driving a speedboat. You need to go as fast as possible and tackle any obstacles using the very best approach. You need to consider the wind, waves, rocks, engine, even the sun… and get them to work in your favour.


The idea is to create a new perspective for your retrospective. When facing problems, the team will find a creative way for dealing with them. Not only is creativity involved in this process but you can also provide efficient strategies to solve your problems.

So, how do you apply such a wonderful pattern into your sprint? Well, let`s put it into some simple steps so you can use it as a checklist:

  1. Right off the bat, draw your boat. You can draw as many boats as you need (stories/bugs/projects) It’s up to you and your crew
  2. Think about the environment of your sailing trip
    1. Sun = Good! What else gives you clear visibility through the waves?
    2. Wind = Slowing down your boat “I can’t control the wind but I can adjust the sail.” ― Ricky Skaggs
    3. Engine = Pushing your boat over the water. Take actions and improve it!
    4. Rocks = Obstacles/Impediments to your adventurous sprint. Keep your eye on the horizon.
    5. Jaws® = Risks. You can set different types of problems that you may be facing in the uncertain future. Some dangers are hidden beneath the water.
  3. The most important stage; ask your team to fulfil each part of the sketch by getting them to post their ideas on it. The drawing is defined by where each post is pinned.
  4. Keep your hands on the wheel. Keep your attention on the activities and do not forget to regularly clean the deck by reviewing the items.

These simple rules can help you to improve your development process by identifying issues and thinking about risks, both obvious and hidden. As the worldwide known dragon boat racer Chery Fee, once said…“don’t just sit there, sail something!”

Have a safe trip!

One Response to “Speed Boats”

  1. David Manske April 17, 2017 at 1:20 pm #

    You copied my picture of the speed boat without attribution directly from my website, davidemanske.com

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