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Brazil through gringo-eyes: Barbarian Breakfast

19 Sep


by Kristof

Greetings, my fellow Bravians! It’s time for another look at how a crazy gringo sees this beautiful country. In this chapter, I’d like to tell you about the trip I took, along with my wife and in-laws, to the interior of Santa-Catarina.

At the time, I hadn’t seen much outside of Florianópolis yet, so I was pretty excited to broaden my horizons. Our first destination was Rancho Queimado, about 80 kilometers from Florianópolis. We set off with the sun shining bright. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. As we left the metropolitan and suburban areas, the landscape started to change. Grey apartment buildings, houses and shops were replaced by rolling hills covered with trees, fields and even the occasional group of cows.

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Learn Brazilian

12 Sep


By Diego


Lit. type, kind, sort.

  • Kind of, sort of, like.

O show foi tipo, legal, sabe.

The show was kind of, cool, you know.

This little world tipo – pronunced like ‘cheapu’ – is used when you cannot think of a good word to use, or what to say next. It can be very useful, but is sometimes overused, especially by young people.
You can also use the word assim meaning ‘like’ in the same way or even both words together, just like in English – tipo assim – meaning ‘sort of like’.
Ela ficou tipo assim, calada a noite toda.
She just stayed sort of like, quiet all night.

Interesting Tools/Websites for Learning – Writing Tips

11 Sep


by Well

Hello interested people in the evolution of your knowledge. I am pretty sure you couldn’t wait for the time to check your most loved recurrent post in this blog. Thus, it is with great pleasure that I start saying that our post today and the next ones are going to be somewhat different from the older ones. I am going to post a few interesting websites in order to improve your writing. Under these circumstances you will be even more able to talk to people abroad, make new friends, renew old friendships, write for the blog (no pressure).

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The Tour De France comes to Yorkshire

10 Sep


by Ruth

On July 5th and 6th 2014, Yorkshire was gripped by cycling fever as it played host to the first two stages of the world biggest cycling race the Tour De France (TDF). The start of the race is known as the ‘Le Grand Départ ‘ and the first Stage travelled from Leeds – Harrogate and the second stage travelled from York – Sheffield.

Several million people lined the TDF route to cheer on the riders and everyone got into the sprint of things with special spectator hubs with big screens, lots of themed decorations, streets parties and special events throughout the region.

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