Brazil through gringo-eyes: Barbarian Breakfast

19 Sep


by Kristof

Greetings, my fellow Bravians! It’s time for another look at how a crazy gringo sees this beautiful country. In this chapter, I’d like to tell you about the trip I took, along with my wife and in-laws, to the interior of Santa-Catarina.

At the time, I hadn’t seen much outside of Florianópolis yet, so I was pretty excited to broaden my horizons. Our first destination was Rancho Queimado, about 80 kilometers from Florianópolis. We set off with the sun shining bright. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. As we left the metropolitan and suburban areas, the landscape started to change. Grey apartment buildings, houses and shops were replaced by rolling hills covered with trees, fields and even the occasional group of cows.


The further we drove, the higher the hills became and the more curvier the road. With the landscape, the names on signs by the road and the architecture of the few houses, it seemed like we were on a holiday in Germany or Austria. It was all very charming and I admit, I felt a bit “com saudade”.


After an hour or 2 – we made a few stops – we arrived at the cute little town of Rancho Queimado. It was already well past noon, so we were all getting quite hungry. This could only mean one thing: it was time for that famed specialty of the Brazilian country-side, café colonial. Or as I like to (rightly) call it: barbarian breakfast.

Before our trip, I had heard praise of café colonial from several people, so I was as filled with expectation as my stomach was empty. In the restaurant, we were quickly seated. At first I didn’t understand why they gave us a table big enough for 8, while there were only 4 of us. This mystery was soon solved as they started bringing some food,… and more food,… and even more food,… and also some food in case we were hungry. There were different types of bread, with several cheeses, meats, jams, creams, fried chicken, pork and a seemingly endless amount of different cakes and pies. It was all absolutely delicious and the quantity can only be described as “Brazilian”. Back in my country, people like to say that Belgians like to eat well and a lot, which is called “the Burgundian way of life”. They know nothing, those innocents…

After an extremely satisfying meal we rolled ourselves back to the car and continued on our way. We walked around in Rancho Queimado a bit and drove further to explore the surrounding area a bit more. We made a final stop near a waterfall close to a town called Angelina, which looked very picturesque in the orange light of the late afternoon sun. After this it was time to head back home by the same same scenic road we used to come.


This was the first I got to see a bit more of the state I’ve been living in for over a year and it was a very pleasant surprise. I definitely plan to explore much more.

3 Responses to “Brazil through gringo-eyes: Barbarian Breakfast”

  1. Anonymous September 19, 2014 at 2:55 pm #

    Do you remember the name of the place that serves the barbarian meal? 😀

  2. Priscila Machado September 19, 2014 at 3:16 pm #

    “They know nothing, those innocents…” hahahhaha 😉

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