Football – Food for thought

3 Nov


by Nei

How long will football survive without technology?

In this season of the Brasileirão tournament, we are having a lot of problems with referees, as well as other places around the world.

Was I wrong?

Was I wrong?

Strength and stamina in football has increased over the years; players have improved their physical fitness, the ball is thrown faster each time, the field, and even the grass. Overall,  the game has been  improving and is definitely made the referees work harder than in the past.

The television camera has improved as well either in quantity as in quality. In the past, 2 or 3 TV cameras were used to record a match; today, it is used more than ten TV camera in a match. On the past it were hard to see the players number and sometimes the ball, today it is possible to see a small camera on the players t-shirt. The TV can simulate several angles for the same shot and can prove easily that the referee has made a mistake within 20 centimeters. It is possible to virtually see everything during 90 minutes.

Another thing that we have to look out for is that many players try to simulate false fouls and complain about the referees decisions every time, which also makes their job more difficult.


I know that some mistakes are so big, that we think that it is impossible to occur, but the amount of pressure referees endure during those 90 minutes is extremely high. I believe that referees didn’t make mistake because they want prejudice or benefit a team, I cannot forget that they are humans and they have limitations.

So here is the question, how long will football will survive without technology?


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