Interesting Sports

3 Nov


by Pam

Better late than never…
Here I am again, presenting weird sports and sporting events around the world. The most difficult part about writing this post is choosing the weirdest sport because there are so many…
Today, the chosen one is the “Outhouse Classic”, which takes place annually in Trenary, Michigan.


To take part in this race, people build their own outhouses, which are small toilet houses, like the ones in the picture below. They are built on skis using wood, cardboard (etc.) and pushed by two racers.

Some outhouses are built for speed, most are funny and some are so elaborate and decorated that you wouldn’t mind having one in your own backyard.

The toilets are pushed one-by-one approximately 500 meters down the city Main Street. Anyone who wants to have fun may participate this bathroom race, whether it´s building, racing or simply watching and laughing.

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