First Impressions

11 Nov


by Mike, Vanclei, Fernando,

Hello there! These are our first impressions! Lets start with the location: Florianópolis is full of beaches, full of very charming people, who have a more relaxed view on life. Even so, Bravi’s offices (2 right now) are located in a wonderful business park, surrounded by mountains, forests with lizards, birds, monkeys and even a pond full of carp!

The inside of the office is basically a cozy loft, loaded with the latest technical stuff  and decorated (what did you expect?) with nice nerdy toys. We also have an awesome English pub and gaming room! That’s right folks, that pretty much shows how the team works: everybody is open for ideas, they are really direct and clear in their statement, they give (and receive!) feedback as often as possible, and, you know what? they manage to have fun whilst doing it!

I bet you’re thinking theyre just a bunch of nerds, well, yes but not the kind of nerds that spend the whole day in front of the computer, there are teams for sports: surf, football, rugby, jogging (all of them a good excuse to share a nice cold beer in the name of rehydration). Bravi boys and  girls were very welcoming. Good people, good energy and, more important than that, a really good time.

We were provided with lots of interesting thoughts and ideas for developing our personal skills, during the lunch breaks we also learned some useful Mortal Kombat combos. Suddenly – while we were learning –  a very important UK bug hunt was initiated. Everyone started to work on bugs – including ourselves. That was a great chance for us to get into the daily business. We were working on real bugs, joining the SCRUM standups, discussing real problems and of course pressing the REAL plastic chicken (a heathenish ritual that is celebrated when a bugfix has passed)! 😀

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