25 Nov

Rafael Demenech

by Rafa

Today lets talk about sk8, longboard sk8 and downhill.

I’m a beginner at this sport, but each day I’ve practiced, I´m liking it more and more.


After the skydive, for a long time I was looking for some radical sport to feed me with adrenaline. Since I’ve lived here in Florianópolis, I’m surfing and loving it, but it’s a different kind of satisfaction, surfing in my opinion is great for relaxation.

So, three or four months ago, I watched a documentary about downhill longboarding with Douglas Dalua, Brazilian World Champion longboarder. After that,everything changed.

I knew some longboarders and followed them to know more about this amazing sport, and after two weeks I bought a longboard and started skating.

Every weekend I’ve gone to Vargem Pequena to do some drops there,  and I constantly meet new guys and make new friends. Good vibes always!


Some interesting facts:

– Fastest rider: Mischo Erban, at 130,08 km/h
– The shape, board and wheels are totally different from the usual skateboard or street skate.
The shape and board are generally bigger, the wheel is also a different size and texture. For example, for downhill skateboarding, we use soft wheels to have more adherence on the road.

Now. let´s see some records from last weekend.

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