World of RPG

24 Feb

Thiago Thomaz

by Thiago

Hello people, I’m Thiago. I used to be a Bamamaha before that ship sinked and this is my first post here =)
I’m here to talk to you about RPGs and this may or may not be part of an ongoing series so lets get this started then.

So, what is an RPG?


RPG stands for Role Playing Game, it can be an electronic game, or a tabletop one. In this series I’ll mostly talk about tabletops since that’s where the magic is.
A RPG is much like a game of pretend we played as little kids, but with some rules to guide us trough the challenges and balance the characters. You also have a dungeon master that is someone who guides the game, it’s plot, and what characters will meet.


Now you might think this is silly and it’s a children’s game. But then, good sir/madam, I would have to say that you are wrong.
RPGs are a great way to develop critical thinking, resource management, social skills, and also escape reality for a while.

And if you don’t believe me, well.. I’m living proof that this works. I used to be way more closed and introspective before I started sacrificing souls to Satan while playing RPG, and they helped me build lots of amazing friendships in the process.

And yeah… I think I’ll just leave it at that for now. I promise I’ll post more about RPG in the future. Starting from the following image, what exactly are these?


Bye =)

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