Moview Review – Walk of Shame

9 Mar


by Laura

Hi folks, it’s movies time!!

Today’s choice is a comedy movie.

Who is not familiar with the term “Walk of shame”? This expression is used to describe a situation in which a person must walk past strangers or peers alone for an embarrassing reason before reaching a place of privacy.

As so, this movie shows exactly this “walk” of a good girl who was dumped by her boyfriend and lost a huge job opportunity in the same day.


Meghan is an anchor reporter in a small broadcast TV and is disputing the anchor job in a bigger company. This company makes all the background check on all candidates for the job, so Meghan has to make sure that she doesn’t have any hidden skeletons, which is easy for her, as she affirms to always being a good girl.

In the same night, Meghan is dumped by her boyfriend and find out that the anchor job was given to someone else. Disappointed and with a broken heart, she goes out with her friends to forget the worst day of her life so far. She dresses up with a sexy dress and drinks a lot of shots.

When searching for a bathroom, she meets a cute guy and decides to continue her party in his apartment.


When she wakes up, in the middle of the night, she starts her walk of shame. She leaves the guy’s apartment with just her car keys. When she got out of the building, she discovers that her car was towed. As so she starts her journey to pick up her car. Meanwhile, someone though she was a hooker, she takes a cab and doesn’t pay the driver, ends up in a crack house, steals a little guy’s bike and runs from the cops, among other problematic situations.

Personal opinion: I wasn’t expecting much of this movie, but I just loved it! I was searching for a light movie to watch and I faced Walk of Shame in my to watch list. It was a pleasant surprise. The movie is so funny! When you think that Meghan, the lead actress, has got all of the bad luck possible, you see that things can become even worse! Lol. I really enjoyed my time watching this motion picture. if you are looking for a good laugh, you definitely should watch it.

Far-fetched, absurd and hopelessly schticky, but if you can get past its boring initial set-up, it’s actually quite funny. – — Jordan Hoffman



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