Brazilian Surf For The Win

11 May


by Mateus

“Brazilian storm” is how the newest generation of Brazilians that compete on the world tour have been called. They have been freaking out all gringos on the tour.

Brazilian storm

Brazilian storm

Last year (2014) was for sure the best year ever for Brazilian surf. For the first time, a Brazilian won the World Surf League. In December 2014 at the most famous and dangerous championship of the tour – Pipe Master – Gabriel Medina, at 21 years of age, even losing to Julian Wilson at a legendary final (Julian scores 19.63 against 19.20 from Medina), he achieved one of the biggest milestones in his life and stuck his name on the surf history.

World Champion Medina

World Champion Medina

About the final hit at Pipe Master, many fans, surfers and reporters believe the winner was Medina, who got a perfect 10 in a backside backdoor wave.

In 2015, the “Brazilian storm” are dominating the tour, with seven people in the contest: Gabriel Medina, Felipe Toledo, Adriano de Souza, Jadson André, Miguel  Pupo, Wigly Dantas and Italo Ferreira. The year could not start differently, two of the three first events played in Australia were won by Brazilians. Felipe Toledo won in Gold Cost and Adriano de Souza won in Margaret River. Also known as “Mineirinho”, Adriano de Souza is the ranking leader and Felipe holds the third place.

The next stage is upcoming, the time window is from 11th to 22nd May in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The fans are looking forward to this event and to support the “Brazilian Storm” to keep up their performance.


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