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Holidays in USA – Breaking Bad Season 01 Episode 01

19 Jun

Ramon Bozelli

by Ramon

Breaking Bad - Ramon Bad

You have probably heard about Breaking Bad TV series, am I right?

The story about a good man who teaches Chemistry in the high school and realizes his life is regular and boring. To get rid of it, he breaks bad and starts cooking crystal meth with Jesse Pinkman (which by the way loves the word beach) as his partner.

The most part of the show was filmed in Albuquerque – New Mexico (USA) using the city itself as scenarios and not internal studios.

As I really enjoyed Breaking Bad, I had put on itinerary that lovely and warm (at least during the day) capital in the middle of the desert.

The house I stayed for one night (AirBNB really works)

The house I stayed for one night (AirBNB really works)

The only thing I searched about the city before arriving there was a map containing all the places the show was recorded in. In case you are curious about it, here is the link.

I arrived in the city around 1 a.m. after a 6 hours driving from Grand Canyon Park (I am going to tell more on the next posts) so the only thing I could think about was a good bed to sleep.

After a good (not too long though) sleep, I woke up and my first stop was Albuquerque’s Old Town. This neighborhood has been there since Albuquerque city was born in 1706. It has more than 100 shops, restaurants and galleries. Suspended peppers are everywhere in there.

Between the stores corridors

Between the stores corridors

I have met the real Heisenberg. “He” is actually a “she”, and she owns a candy store. In fact, the methamphetamine used in the show is a candy made by miss Debbie Ball, the Candy Landy’s owner.

The real Heisenberg (this was not what I imagined to be honest)

The real Heisenberg (this was not what I imagined to be honest)

The Candy Lady shop sells many kinds of chocolates including sugar free ones, candies, sweets and of course meth. It has a room within it where regular people like me take pictures pretending they are drug dealers.

What about now? Has Ramon bought some candies home?

To be continued…


Brazil’s Football Peculiarities

17 Jun


by Nei

There is something that happens only in the football’s country “Brazil”.

There are some places in Brazil that suffer a lot during the summer with rain and flood. In some of these places, people were suffering from losing their houses, clothing and sometimes even food, but one thing hurt more (specially the children’s heart and hope): their football fields were flooded as well.


But as they are smart guys and the life without football means nothing, they’ve decided to make a new football field, a floating one, so they can play independently of the water level.





Would Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi play nicely in those pitches? Have you already seen any similar sport? If so, please leave your comment.

To conclude, remember, if the weather is not that good and it is raining, that is not an excuse to do not practice sports.